Getting the Featured Content Plugin Working with the Revolution Theme

If you’re using Revolution Church Theme, you might have come across a problem that I’ve also struggled with for a while until I finally saw the light: how to get the Featured Content Plugin working on the site.

If you’re wondering what language am I speaking in now, then you’re in the wrong place, but nevertheless, here is a screenshot of a page with the featured content activated in case you still want to continue reading. The featured content is a set of changing images in place of that little saving pig that shows right now on the pic in the screenshot below.

On one of my blogs that I’m setting up so I can flip at a later time, I’ve decided to use this WP theme – which I have to say is absolutely brilliant! – but getting the featured content to work correctly was a bit of a hurdle. Everything was super easy to set up, except this one feature.

Basically how the whole thing works is like this:

  • Download and install the plugin
  • Create a Featured category
  • Write at least 2 posts and assign them to the newly created category
  • Go through the Featured Content settings on your dashboard and add any info you need (e.g. the width and height of the pictures, etc)
  • For each of the posts that you assigned to Featured, upload a picture with the correct sizes, based on what you set up in Settings
  • In your posts create a Custom Field called articleimg and add the link to the picture next to it in the Value field
  • Publish your posts and see how your beautiful pictures keep changing on the homepage of your blog.

Well, I followed these instructions to the T, except that it didn’t work. I got the pictures in there along with some dreaded WordPress error message which was really spoiling the fun!

Well, after a bit of cruising Google, I found what I was doing wrong. Implementing it took me literally 1 minute to do: I was not supposed to create a new category called Featured, but instead modify the existing default category (Uncategorized I think it’s called). That did it for me. Now I can continue adding content to my blog, as the layout is set up and ready to go!

So if you’re struggling with the same problem as I was, this one tip might make the difference between spending your time in vain and getting on with your project.
Credit given where credit is due. Tip on the ‘Uncategorized’ Category renaming taken from here.

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  1. That kind of stuff really bugs me. I’ve had the same issue as you on many themes that have featured or highlighted content at the top. It always ends up being a hassle instead of working flawlessly as it did when you invisioned it. :)

    Josiah@Tumblr Themes | Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

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