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Make Money With Wizzley – New Kid On The Web2 Block »

So what is Wizzley? It’s a new web2 freeblogging platform like Squidoo and Hubpages. It’s new, only started a couple of months ago and so far I love it – you can use it both for backlinks to your site and to make money!

Quality In Article And Content Is Important – Or Maybe Not? »

While quality in articles was always important, in the Internet Marketing business this is mostly overlooked. With SEO for backlinks playing an important part in getting to top Google rankings, sadly quality has started to suffer during the last 2 years or so – especially with the emergence of outsourcing to 3rd world countries for […]

About Acronyms And Why I Might Leave UAW For AMR »

IM (acronym for internet marketing) is full of acronyms, especially when it comes to backlinks, to software and services that give you this so needed linkjuice. Usually I hate acronyms, and I have a tough time keeping in mind what is what, however when you are in the IM arena, this is an unavoidable side […]

Repurposing your backlinks »

Well this is based on something that just happened to me, and following it I had a lightbulb moment. I realized that I can reuse some of my older backlinks for newer projects, and here is how and why.

Finding High PR Blogs To Comment On The Easy Way »

I keep seeing people asking how to find those cool high PR blogs that allow comments on. One way to do is is by using Scrapebox. This is a cool nifty gadget that allows you to scrape the internet for blogs just like that. However not everybody has Scrapebox so what is the next best […]

Why Micro Niche Finder is Now Perfect for Xfactor’s Adsense Course »

I’m really tickled pink! I’m using Micro Niche Finder (or MNF) for over half a year now, have reviewd it several times already and this program keeps getting better and better and I’m not kidding you! But why am I tickled pink about it right now?