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If you’ve followed the Sitepoint Marketplace for any length of time (now, you’ve probably seen sites offered that have under the auction heading ‘Clickbank Ready Websites’. But what are these sites? How are they different from the WordPress blogs that I’m, for example, mostly designing and offering up for sale? – SOLD »

(Sadly) anxiety and panic attacks is a very profitable niche and it has an incredible amount of affiliate products, plenty to choose from for your advertising. That’s why I selected my next blog in this very lucrative niche. Domain name is entirely relevant, and only with a bit of work, it can be brought to […]

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I have just added my latest on to Sitepoint. I’m quite proud of it, I have worked real hard to make it unique, and not like the cookie-cutter Revolution Theme sites out there. Nothing wrong with the Revolution theme, mind you, I really like it, however the Sitepoint marketplace is so over-saturated with this theme, […]

WomansDetox – SOLD »

Detoxing for women is quite a profitable niche, particularly now after the winter lazy moods. So I’ve created this startup site on the subject and it got grabbed right away.

Coolcountries – SOLD »

Here is my fouth successful site created and sold at Sitepoint. The winner received from me two different site headers, one with summer and one with winter motif. It’s worth giving extras to your customers with your bid, as they value their purchase so much more.

New listing – / SOLD »

Dieting is quite a profitable niche (550,000 searches alone in the US), and combined with health plans, it makes for a killer package! I really enjoyed setting this website up.