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A Few Updates From Me – What I’ve Been Up To »

Been a while since I last posted. In the meantime my blog was hacked, so I changed the password, username and deleted the other user they created with another of my emails (which means that one was hacked as well), but if one really wants to hack their way into a blog, I don’t think […]

Back To Website Building »

I’ve just started a new website and I’m quite exited about it! Haven’t built a site or blog in almost 2 years since I took a side road to Squidoo. I’m not sorry about this detour, I’ve learned a lot, earned a lot, proved myself that I can do it even on a site owned […]

The New Kid On The Block – Bubblews »

I finally bit the bullet and joined Bubblews. To be honest I’ve been keeping away from it because it just felt to me quite spammy, however when I saw that many of my Squidoo, Wizzley and Zujava friends joined and started to earn right away from it, well, I had to try it out.

March Squidoo Payments 2013 »


February Squidoo Payments 2013 »

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And to make the day sweeter, the Squidoo payments just came in. We were all rooting for a Valentine’s Day Squidoo payday, but expecting it tomorrow, Friday the 15th. So let’s see how we did in December with Squidoo.

January Squidoo Payments 2013 »

My first payout in January – for earnings last November. I thought things would go downhil after the October Halloween sales, but it seems things are still on an upward trend, with a bit over $100 more than what I made last month. Not bad, not bad at all for a free platform that everyone […]