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Back to nofollow »

Sorry guys but I’ll have to go back to nofollow from now on. I gave it a try and had sadly disappointing results since adding it to my blog.

Microsoft Security Essentials – malware instead of the real thing »

Well, finally after over a year of fighting with my latest virus, I got it again. I have a few antivirus software installed, including Microsoft Security Essentials – which is supposedly one of the strongest antimalware free software that you can find. I was actually using it with great success, it even found 2 trojans […]

Musings on reasons why I left my day job »

It’s funny how some memories that you’d simply want to erase from your mind keep coming back at the strangest of times. While I couldn’t really speak out my mind on this blog due various reasons, now that I’m no longer employed, I’ll be now and then writing a few tidbits of things that happened […]

If you want to have Adsense on your sites, check out this plugin »

I’ve just discovered something nifty that is perfect for niche sites that are using Adsense. It’s called Adsense Preview and you can find it here.

Follow me on Twitter »

I’ve split up my original Twitter account, as it was dealing more with my hobby (handmade silver jewelry), which has a different topic and market alltogether. So if you were following me on my previous Twitter account, please click here to follow me on the new one. I have no followers yet, as I’ve just […]

Pain can be a better motivator than pleasure »

I’ve been cruising the forums during the weekend and I came across 2 threads actually that discussed the subject of ‘why do you want to work from home and if you are working from home, what motivates you into doing what you’re doing and not returning to the 9to5 day job.