A++ Copywriter With Only A Basic Plus Ezinearticles Account

Now this was something totally weird for me and I had to actually double-check that it was true. I’ve started recently learning more about copywriting and while reading online about one of the copywriter stars out there, John Carlton, I somehow arrived to his Ezinearticles.com expert account. Much to my surprise his account is only Basic Plus. Now…

Now we all know what a Basic Plus account means. It means that the person didn’t write good enough articles to get the Platinum account. It is an implied ‘hall of shame’. If you’ve ever been stuck at a Basic Plus at Eza for a while, I’m pretty sure you remember the great relief to learn that you’ve been finally upgraded to Platinum. For many of us writers and bloggers, this is really a major point in our IM careers, especially when our business relies on free backlinks, some of them coming from article directories.

Also Platinum is crucial for freelancers at Elance (a rapidly growing breed of money makers these days), especially when writing for SEO purposes (something that is very sought after at places like Elance and oDesk). When, as a freelancer, you bid on a job at Elance.com and you give as credentials your Ezine expert author, you definitely don’t want to mention it if it’s only Basic Plus. This means that you’re simply not good enough to qualify as an article writer. So how can anyone trust you that you write them a good article for money?

I’ve started looking into copywriting recently, as it’s a skill that I think many IMers should have. I was interested in learning it about 2 years ago, before starting out with site flipping and then Xfactor sites and what not, but eventually the pull of the fast cash that these easy alternatives offered, deterred me from learning it. So now that my income is more or less on auto-pilot, I’ve decided to go back to learning more about it.

Btw, if you’re not sure what I’m talking about copywriting, it’s definitely not copyright-issues (as somebody once asked me through email) and it’s not simply writing. If you are in the Internet Marketing arena, you have seen plenty of copy.

It’s those sales letter that every Clickbank product has up with big bold read headlines and yellow highlights throughout the text.

It’s those opt-in forms that want your email in exchange for something…anything.

It’s those email sent by any internet marketing guru who has you (poor sod) on their list. It’s all that sales writing, direct marketing writing – that works even when we think we are already immune to it (we’re not).

Going back to John Carlton, he is one of the top copywriters today, and I’ve been reading some of his stuff and watching some video clips from his seminars at Youtube and other similar places. So I’ve decided to hunt down more  info about him and by him, and somehow I got to his Ezinearticle account. Basic Plus. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I actually refreshed the screen (silly me) to see that indeed it is correct. And it is.

And the more I’ve started thinking about it, the more I’ve realized how different the world of copywriting is from that of our trusted world of (easy) article writing, content writing and blogging. I mean even Carlton says at some point that he is making at times some terrible grammar mistakes and that’s perfectly OK. When a prospect reads a sales letter, due to the nature of the writing, they won’t look for  grammar, spelling and similar errors. A sales letter is no prose. Sure you need good English (preferably native English), but by no means a masters or a PhD level.

Actually, while I avoid the WF due to the too much negativity in there, one place I still frequent is the Copywriting section. And I’ve read quite a few posts by people who claim that the better your English is and the higher quality your writing is, the more troubles you’ll have learning copywriting, which is basically sales in writing.

So in the end, who cares what his Ezinearticles status is, when he’s clearly raking in more money each year than I’ll ever get to see in my entire life when I’m blogging and setting up websites for Adsense and affiliate marketing. Each of his ads pull in more zeroes than I can count on several of my fingers. So I guess we can forgive him for not meeting the approval standards of Ezinearticles for a Platinum account. And I guess I can be forgiven for seeing him as one of my online marketing idols and for saying that I want to be like him, when I grow up…

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  1. I agree. If I were going to choose a copywriter to emulate, it would be John Carlton. BTW, what do you think of Ezinearticles new Diamond account? I think this is their response to Google’s last update.

    Reba | Mar 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. I think it’s a good move. It’s gonna be tough to get there but I believe it’s worth it. I might ask for an upgrade as well, we’ll see. I’ve started a new author for my SBI authority site and these articles are really high quality (written from my knowledge). If they upgrade, they will do it for the entire account, so all articles really have to be top notch to pass.

    Here is where many WF article marketeers who were pushing those rehashed 250-300 words articles will fall flat on their face. And it’s good because the quality will improve at Eza. I really like this new upgrade and the way they are starting to tighten up around them.

    I only wish my articles were approved faster. Ever since that Farmer update, they reaaaaly take their time to review my Platinum articles, sometimes it takes as much as one full week :( Almost like a basic plus really…

    Marika | Mar 24, 2011 | Reply

  3. This is very true, To become a copy writer you need to have that skill of creative writing, that ability to play with words in a skillful manner.
    So Not every blogger or content writer can become a good copy writer and vice versa.

    John Clark@Fiverr tips | Feb 23, 2012 | Reply

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