Earning Money With Squidoo When Starting Out

I’ve recently come across some threads at the WF about using free platforms such as Squidoo and Hubpages to start your journey online. Many people are of the opinion that you should not use Squidoo for making extra cash because they’re not your sites and you can’t really make money there, so I’ve decided to start a small experiment.

I have an old Squidoo account that I almost forgot about. It was making me the occasional $5 a month on the few lenses I had there setup from 2008 and I got the occasional Clickbank affiliate commission from people who happened to click through. During Panda, Hubpages took a hit, however Squidoo is just as strong as ever.

In all honesty I never really liked Hubpages, so I decided to stick with Squidoo and see if I could increase my earnings simply by writing a few more lenses.

And no, I’m not talking about getting rich from Squidoo, I’m talking about starting out with making your first coins when you’re new to internet marketing. This can help you pay for your first domain or hosting or whatever else online fees you’re paying.

I’ve started adding more Squidoo lenses to my account – about 5-6 per month (quite easy to do), all good quality articles, well researched with a lot of interesting modules (of course also included Amazon affiliate links and modules where appropriate).

After 2 months, here are my earning stats – note – I’m not talking here about direct commissions (Clickbank or Amazon, or Zazzle, etc) that you get from click-throughs, I’m talking about actual Squidoo payouts to my Paypal account, money that comes through every month simply by having a few lenses up.

When it comes to earnings and payouts, they are usually 2 months behind. So my May payouts came through in July, and my June payouts were in August.

Now in September I’m waiting for my July payout.

While it looks a very small amount, nothing to brag about really, imagine having lots of lenses and how the income will increase. And again, I stress out, this is only the Squidoo royalties, it is not my total income from Squidoo.

That makes me a nice few hundred dollars every month with a few well chosen Clickbank products and some Amazon affiliate products. Not bad considering that I haven’t really done much with Squidoo since I’ve started it back in 2008.

Of course, to really make money on Squidoo ¬†you will promote affiliate products. This is where the real money comes in. But just to start out, to get your feet wet in the possiblities of earning online, this is a great motivator, don’t t you think?

Btw, some of these Squidoo lenses have a nice PR 4 and have gained authority over time, so now they’re perfect for some juicy, quality backlinks to some of my own sites.

All you need is make sure that you don’t write on topics that Squidoo doesn’t like and that you do write quality stuff, something that you wouldn’t want to click away from ashamed of the bad content you’re reading.

Also when it comes to Clickbank, Squidoo can be quite squirmish, so choose the products you promote well, nothing spammy.

Earning with Squidoo is quite possible when you’re starting out and you want an easy way to get some money that will be invested in your more permanent business.

And think about it, as your lenses age, you can use them for backlinking to your new sites.

A high PR Squidoo lens as backlink to your own site is nothing to cry about – and if you happen to earn in the process some passive income, hey, who’s to complain?

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  1. Do you do the same type of promotions for your Squidoo lenses as you would a regular webpage (meaning, do you spend time with backlinking and such) or do you just write a bunch of good content lenses and let them do their own thing?

    Scott | Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

  2. Oh it’s much less promotion (thank god for that!). Squidoo is a PR 7 so I’m relying on the authority of this site for the most part. I do the minimum initial thing, social bookmarking my post, doing the RSS feed and quickly pinging it (all this through Magic Submitter or Seo Link Robot), submitting to a couple of Squidoo directories (Squidom, and a few others), posting to Amplify a very short post with my backlink, and I also have a Blogger blog just for writing stuff about Squidoo where I backlink my latest article. The whole thing takes a couple of minutes. Then I move on to another lens.

    For sites you need to do a lot more promotion because a site has no authority so it effectively starts from scratch. Here I can focus on what I like most – writing about stuff that I want to write that day.

    Marika | Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

  3. Hey this is a nice article. I recently started on Squidoo, not for earning money so much as creating some nice backlinks to my Mead Hall site to try to improve the page rank of that site and just to drum up more interest in mead in general and my site. Figured it made sense, but after reading this I figured I could possibly turn Squidoo into some extra cash on the side in addition to pimping my site.

    CuAllaidh | Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

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