Get $50 Off Your Linkdozer Subscription/Lindozer Rebate/Link Dozer Discount – Read Inside How It Works


Wow, the response to my first Linkdozer offer has been tremendous, I thank you for it, particularly those who remained with our group for the second month :)

I have recently received several requests for a larger rebate, so as of today, the Link Dozer rebate terms are changing. You get $50 off your Linkdozer subscription but there is a catch and an explanation as to why I’ve decided to do it this way.

I’m already 3 months in the membership program and I truly started to see results. The first month was very tough for me, and I was about to quit. Twice. The second month I really enjoyed it all and I got a good understanding of how Linkdozer really works and how it can help me. And now that I’m in my third month (almost finishing the month as a matter of fact), I have several sites that have gone up in the SERPS. I don’t attribute this solely to Linkdozer. However I atribute a large part of it to this program. It seems that using and maintaining serious blogs with 70-80% unique articles posted on many different C class IPs does help a site moving and shaking it up.

There is a major trend in Linkdozer membership. Pretty much nobody quits after their second month. However many quit after the first month. This tells me something. People who want to take really the easy and fast way (talk about Angela type backlinks, and stuff like that) quit after month 1. However those who stick with Linkdozer past month 2, they will have a lightbulb moment which extends beyond the technical aspect of it all (which is overwhelming, truth be told), and they realize its true potential and the way to maximize its potential. For me Linkdozer has become a way of life, and I’m quite proud of it, to be honest.

So in order to really enable everyone who is serious about their SEO (and not just out for a quick and passing ranking which fades away just as the latest fad), here is the deal.

You join Linkdozer through my affiliate link. You contact me per email at marika(dot)charalambous(at)gmail(dot)com or per PM either at the Warrior Forum or at the Xfactor forum (both places username is kislany), and I will refund your first $25.

As soon as you passed your first month and you have been rebilled for your second month (I will get the automatic email right after you have been billed, so I can double-check), you send me another email (or PM) and let me know of the rebill. I’ll then pay you the remaining $25. That is a total of $50 off your membership. It’s more than half of your first month paid in full.

If after 2 months you’re still not convinced that Linkdozer is for you, feel free to cancel any time. It’s through your Paypal account, which is very easy to cancel, you don’t even need to let anyone know. But beware, around the mid month 2, you’ll really start to get addicted to the lightbulb moments just coming up one after another one :)

Make sure that at the bottom of the page when you join (just before paying) you see the number 1091 displayed as referrer. Then contact me and we’ll pick it up from there. If you don’t want to continue with month 2, that is also ok. You’ve still got a great deal out of your first month at a full $25 discount.

P.S. I’ve been asked a few times whether your articles and posts will be removed after you cancel. No, they will not be removed. As far as I know they will remain there, except that you won’t be able to use any longer those blogs and any new articles for your sites, that’s all.

Offer only valid for new subscribers!

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  1. Awesome!! This is really a great offer. I would like to sign up but let me first finish my web site so I would have something to look for. Let me save your link so I can easily get back into it. Thanks in advance.

    Michelle @ dining room chairs | Jul 10, 2010 | Reply

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