Offer Ended – Check Banner For New Offer – Linkdozer Rebate – Get $30 Link Dozer Rebate or Discount For Your First Month

Ok here is the deal. If you join LinkDozer under my affiliate link I will refund you $30 of the first month to your Paypal account. If you cancel it after the first month, you simply got to try Linkdozer for $67, which is a fair price for trying it out.

Why am I doing this? Because I strongly believe in Linkdozer. I am already 2 months in the program and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. I already see great results, all my links (and I mean ALL OF THEM) show as backlinks in Yahoo Site Explorer, and the amount of information I learned at Kristina’s forum (including the many many videos that she put out for us) is just incredible. Just to get to watch those videos on basic and advanced SEO is worth the entire $97 monthly fee. Now you’ll get them for $67 the first month.

I think by now you have noticed that I haven’t advertised something that I don’t use or don’t like. If I don’t like it, I say it so. Linkdozer is just not one of those. I truly, heartily recommend it. And for $67 in the first month is a steal. Just think of the many crappy ebooks you buy constantly for $47 and the sort. I think it is a no brainer, but it is up to you.

The offer is for a limited time only so hurry to get it before you have to pay full price for joining Link Dozer.

How does this work? You join under my affiliate link and then send me an email to marika(dot)charalambous(at)gmail(dot)com telling that you have subscribed and giving me your Linkdozer forum username to double-check your info and paypal address. I’ll check my affiliate commission, if I get credited (i.e. if you went through my link), I will refund you $30 from your first month payment. Just make sure you join under the aff. link 1091, so check for this number when you join. You can also pm me at the Warrior Forum or at the Microniche Adsense forum with the information, on both places my username is kislany.

Please note that if you’ve visited the Link Dozer site through another person’s affiliate link previously, the sale may not be credited to my account, so I’ll be unable to offer you the rebate. I can only give you the rebate if I got a commission from your joining, so do click on my affiliate link when buying  :)

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  1. If you’ve joined and sent me an email recently (around March 7-8) please resend me the email as I’ve managed to delete one that ended up in my Spam folder. I think the name was Connie something…please resend me your email :)

    Marika | Mar 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. I checked the Link Dozer web site, and if I was on the right page, it seems that the software is quite good. But then, I will need to think about it first and consult my programmer. Have bookmarked you anyway. Thanks a lot.

    Ruth@ Hand Held Sewing machines | Jul 22, 2010 | Reply

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